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Spring sports fan attendance: What fan restrictions will look like

Throughout the school year, COVID-19 has caused schools to limit fan attendance at sporting events. These restrictions have varied depending on the sport and whether it’s an indoor or outdoor sport.

For this year’s spring sports season, more fans will be allowed than winter sports because it is an outdoor sport. Everyone will be required to wear masks unless they are actively playing in the game.

“Outdoor events will have 30 percent capacity which is approximately 1500 allowed,” athletic direc

Staying in shape: Tom Brady and LeBron James continue to play at the highest level

All throughout an athlete’s career, they need to stay healthy, not only in the weight room, but in their diets as well. Having proper nutrition is key to succeed in sports at any level.

Athletes like Tom Brady, who is still playing football at 43 years old, need to have the proper foods in order to perform at the highest level. Brady has done this by creating his own meal plan called TB12, and he promotes it all over the world.

“Having a meal plan is important for sports because you know what

History will be made on Super Bowl Sunday: Sarah Thomas will be first female to ref a Super Bowl

This year’s Super Bowl match-up of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs will feature a new referee this year. Sarah Thomas will be the first female to officiate a Super Bowl.

Thomas was named the first female official in the NFL in 2015, and ever since then league officials have admired her excellent work. She officiated her first playoff game in 2019, and now she is ready for the Super Bowl.

"Her elite performance and commitment to excellence have earned her the right to offici

Traveling during COVID-19: Is it safe?

COVID-19 has taken over the United States in the past year, and as a result, travel guidelines and regulations have been put in place. Especially for the holidays, health officials are advising against traveling to see family.

When traveling out of Ohio to a different state, the Ohio Department of Health wants people to quarantine when they return home. However, this is not the case when traveling to every state.

“In regards to returning home to Ohio, the Ohio Department of Health advises that

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